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Two Men 먹튀검증사이트 On a Train


David Joyce

Head of Athletic Performance - Greater Western
Sydney Giants Football Club

Two men board separate carriages of the same train. It’s
their morning commute. They take their seats and wait for the
train to depart. Except it doesn’t 먹튀사이트.

A moment later, both men look out the window, then
glance at their watches. Why hasn’t the trained moved? The
conductor addresses his passengers via the loudspeaker.

“We apologize for the delay for the delay this morning,”
he begins. “It appears there’s an injured kangaroo on the
tracks ahead of us. We’re waiting for a ranger to arrive and
address the situation. Thank you for your patience. We’ll be on
our way as soon as the path is clear.”

The first commuter hears the message and realizes he’s
going to be late for his meeting. But what can he do? Nothing.
So he opens his newspaper and begins reading.

The second gentleman does not hear the
announcement. The speaker in his cabin is broken. He’s also
running late for an appointment. Increasingly frustrated and
confused by the delay, he paces the aisle, indignant.

Eventually, the train moves. Both men arrive at work
late, delayed the same amount of the time for the same reason.
But there is a marked difference between their moods upon
arrival. The first man shows up calm, even happy. He knows
he’s late, but he’s alerted his team. He’s also pleased that the
kangaroo is safe, which conductor announced shortly before
the train departed.

The second man arrives angry, even hostile. He hates
being late. More importantly, he hates not knowing why. If
only someone had communicated with him.

Just about all conflicts arise from one or both of two
issues: misaligned expectations and poor communication. We
cannot expect life to proceed without interruption. It never
does. But our responses to those interruptions shape the
outcomes. If we communicate issues to relevant stakeholders,
if we’re up front and communicative, we alleviate anxiety for
ourselves and others. If a project is off target, acknowledge it.
If you want aligned expectations, communicate.

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